Chief Secretary of the Office of Secretariat Prof. Liu, Ine-Wei
Senior Secretary Ms. Quei-Chin Chen
  • Tel:08-7703660
  • Ext:6001
  • Duties:
    1. Arrange the President's schedule of official business
    2. Proofread the manuscripts of official documents
    3. Make the memorandum of important events in NPUST
    4. Coordinate school affairs and handle general executive affairs
    5. Plan and undertake the major celebrations/ceremonies
    6. Handle other assigned affairs
Secretary Ms. Shao-Ling Tsai
  • Tel:08-7703202
  • Ext:6005
  • Duties:
    1. Manage the funds and the allowance of Office of Secretariat
    2. Arrange the major meetings, record and track the progress of policy decisions from the meetings
    3. Update and maintain website information of Office of Secretariat
    4. Handle related affairs of complaint events
    5. Handle other assigned affairs